Singer-songwriter Kevin Randolph of Henderson, Kentucky, is a huge animal advocate, and Xena's story of survival impacted him and so many others. She was a 4-month-old pitbull who just needed a chance. New Hope Animal Rescue stepped in, and here's her brave story of resilience that inspired a brand new song in her honor.

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Kevin Randolph is a lot like me, and probably you too. He's passionate about homeless animals and those living in shelters or rescues. If you believe every animal deserves a loving home, there are many ways to help. Sharing your spare time makes a difference for these animals that need us the most. Shelters go through lots of supplies and always need food, litter, cleaning supplies, crates, etc. The most impactful ways to get involved are donating funds or becoming a foster. Be sure to follow your local animal shelter/rescue on social media. When you adopt a rescue pet, you're giving them a second chance. They never asked to be born.

Together, we can help homeless pets find the love and forever homes they deserve!

New Hope Animal Rescue /CANVA
New Hope Animal Rescue /CANVA


Collapsed on the side of Elm Street in Henderson, Xena was severely wounded. A young lady passing by knew her condition was dire and she needed medical care. The pictures, which I won't share (graphic), show a pup who should have given up but her fighting spirit wouldn't allow that to happen. New Hope Animal Rescue took her to a vet where she was diagnosed with "strangles" and mange. She was also full of hookworms, had a respiratory infection, and was underweight. Pictures showed just how swollen she was with sores all over her body. Everyone was dedicated to saving this sweet girl. Hundreds shared her story, prayed for her, and made donations in her name. That was in August of 2023. Her inspirational road to recovery had begun!

Two months later, Xena the Warrior Pup would heal and find her forever home. She was adopted by a wonderful family, given a new name (Elsa), and gained an older sibling. So many people from all over the tri-state were pulling for this miracle, including Kevin, who met Xena and followed her journey.

New Hope Animal Rescue /CANVA
Xena Headed to Her New Home!


Kevin Randolph, a country and gospel music producer/songwriter, met Xena at New Hope and was inspired by her courage. Where there should have been only sadness, she always had hope in her eyes. He was able to document her recovery to rescue story through visits to the shelter. Dog lovers around the world will love "The Healing Business". Although this song is inspired by Xena, there are many animals like her in shelters all over the country. The work will never be done until no animal dies just for being born. As we celebrate Elsa, there's still work to be done. Luckily, there are people like Kevin and shelters like New Hope Animal Rescue helping every step of the way!

Great song! I love this video and the message! - @rachaeltravis3441

I love this new song! Kevin, it's beautiful. - @hannahfaithbear6290


If you can help, please donate by using the links below ; or Venmo - @animalrescuecenter

Thanks to Kevin for writing and performing such a beautiful song. Appreciation for those who care for animals, especially the volunteers at area shelters/rescues. And, to Elsa for showing us how to fight during the most difficult times!

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