Ohio County singer-songwriter Johnathan Fuqua has a knack for writing beautiful and sentimental songs. His new one is no exception. 'Best Best Buddy' is a song about the unbreakable bond between a mother and son, set to release next month.

Even on your dying day, I'll be the one to carry you to your grave.


Johnathan's girlfriend Shannon and her son tell each other they're "best best buddies" every night before bed. This simple act of love became the inspiration for his upcoming single. He wrote it for single mothers like Shannon and all the others who try to keep it together through thick and thin. He used their stories of inspiration throughout the song. It's about how boys take care of their moms at any age.

Johnathan Fuqua/CANVA
Johnathan Fuqua/CANVA


Sorry son it's hard to sleep when this worry comes over me.

I remember a story my sister told me. She was living with her 2 boys, Colt and Levi, when they were 3 and 4. She was up late crying over the bills, worried about groceries and how to get them to school, and things like that. And, she cried. Here comes Colt at 4 years old, hugs momma, and says, "It's ok momma, I love you". That's what the first verse is about., Jonathan shared about the song

Johnathan Fuqua/CANVA
Johnathan Fuqua/CANVA


Sorry son but can't you see, the sickness has taken over me?

The second verse is about my dad and his mom. She was in the hospital with cancer. Not necessarily the nursing home like the song says, but when she got home she had hospice so similar. Then she passed away which is what the bridge is about., Jonathan shared about the second verse and the bridge of the song

But you're my best best buddy in the whole wide world. Momma, you're my favorite girl. I'll tuck you in when you're cold, promise I'll never leave you alone. When I get done working my 9-5, I'll come here and let you unwind. One day it'll all be ribbons and pearls. Cause you're my best best buddy in the whole wide world. Momma, you're my favorite girl!!!

It's a tribute to mothers everywhere and the lifelong bond with their sons. And, their sons have with them.


Johnathan is working with Gray Sky Music on a bunch of new songs. 'Best Best Buddy' will be released on May 10th, 2024. You can catch Johnathan at festivals and bars throughout the year. This is a perfect mother-son dance song to play at weddings. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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