I took this shot yesterday after Mother's Day brunch. It looks like Panther Creek joined forces with Miller Lake to prevent folks like me from going any further. Of course, folks like the guy in the F-150 who went around me and plowed through had no such problems. I haven't been out there today, but hopefully they're seeing some recession of the waters. At least that's happening in other parts of the county.

Although we have rain chances for later in the week, it's nothing like what we've experienced over the last couple of weeks. And hopefully that will allow the water to continue to recede. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our friends to the south. The torrential and oppressive rains that plagued our area are heading south and causing nightmarish conditions in Memphis, where the mighty Mississippi River is three miles wide. Horrifying thought. I mean, isn't it big enough? By the way, that's six times its usual span. One of the most volatile weather seasons in my memory continues as we send our thoughts and prayers southward, well, down the Mississippi.

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