Some of my favorite memories of childhood revolve around little trips my family would take to Evansville on Saturday nights.

We'd eat at Red Lobster or Mac's Barbecue then hit up Washington Square Mall and/or a department store called Ayr-Way.

And I think that's how it was spelled.

On the way back home, we'd stop at Dunkin' Donuts and get a box of donut holes.

Now, in that little summary of our jaunts to Evansville, I mentioned two national chains that were not in Owensboro at the time--Red Lobster and Dunkin' Donuts.

So, I got to thinking about what folks have said they wish Owensboro had or where they like to go eat when they visit Evansville.

There are naturally more, but I picked out five for various reasons. And they're all national chains.

Red Robin

Google Street View

I've heard others mention how much they love going there when in Evansville. I went once and it was good. But I'm not big on fancy hamburgers. Pickle, onion, ketchup, cheese. I'm pretty boring.


Google Street View

Every time a new restaurant opens in Owensboro, I see comments from people who would rather see an IHOP go up. All the time. Who knows? Maybe one day.

Jason's Deli

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I heard about this one not too long ago and for the first time. I put it on the list for me because I like delicatessens. And the next time I'm in Evansville, I'm going.


Google Street View

I'm old enough to remember the rumor, five years ago, that Hooters was going to be one of the new restaurants out on Highway 54...probably in front of Menard's. Ah. Rumors. Some have a way of not panning out. But folks don't seem to mind driving to Evansville to eat there.

Cici's Pizza

Google Street View

I thought I'd leave you with this one since it actually USED to be here in Owensboro and nobody really knows why it left. Well...SOMEBODY probably does. But it's gone, nonetheless. It was affordable. You could feed a big family for very little money. It's vacation of those Towne Square North premises many years ago was, and still is, a mystery to many.


So, here's five. Any of these you'd like to see come to Owensboro. Or come BACK to Owensboro, as the case may be? Any you'd like to add?