It's become quite the common occurrence to see vehicles--usually vans or SUVs--that have stickers all over the back window.

I enjoy them, generally.

They mentioned in the story about the INFORMATION those family-type stickers disclose and how predators and thieves could use it.

I actually have thought about that 3-year-old story whenever I see those stickers. It kind of makes sense to me.

On the other hand, some folks use the backs of their vans or SUVs to make all SORTS of statements, even if they're not deliberately doing so.

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

From this Chevy "canvas," I gather we have here a big UK fan who loves the outdoors, supports the troops, and enjoys traveling.

And I bet that Duck Dynasty sticker right above her pro-gay marriage magnet is a real mind-blower for some.

What about you?

What's on the back of YOUR vehicles, if anything?


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