Monday was a HUGE day for Taylor Swift.  She released her highly-anticipated new CD, Red, and it immediately raced to the top of the ITunes album chart.  And, on The WBKR Waking Crew, Nashville Kat called in and we chatted about how Taylor continues to dominate the globe.  So, we started wondering . . . What would Taylor Swift be like as President of the United States?  We know she's popular enough to get a bunch of votes, so what is she actually won the office?  LISTEN!

Obviously we were just joking around.  Truth is, Taylor Swift has grown into an amazing young woman and has managed to make the transition from teen star to music icon.  She's turned this 40-year-old man into a fan and I can't wait to get my copy of Red.  I have sampled most of the tracks and I love it.  What can I say?  She has finally gotten my vote!

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