I'm not exactly sure how we noticed this thing in the first place. It looks like a bundle of twigs and that wouldn't draw anyone's eye.

But one day, our receptionist, Candace, noticed that it had moved.

We first saw it up high on that big window pane at the WBKR front lobby. It was up in the right corner.

The next day it was down at the bottom. And when you get in really close and take a look, it really does look like just a bunch of small twigs or maybe a cocoon.

On the third day, it had moved again. Then last week, Candace came running back to the studio and said that it was moving. I ran up front and tried to capture it on video but before I could get the camera activated, it fell to the ground.

But, sure enough, it was moving and, actually, looked like it was GLIDING along the window. Seriously, it did not look like it was touching the window, but it was moving nonetheless.

Oh, and when it's stationary, it looks like it is stuck to the surface with just a tiny thread.

I have looked at it closely quite a few times and I simply cannot tell what that thing is. Here...YOU take a closer look and see if you can come up with anything:

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media
Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

By the way, if we can capture its movement on video, I'll get it recorded and share that, too.

Does anybody have a clue what this thing is? Inquiring minds want to know.

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