My curiosity about how the Daniel Pitino Shelter is doing this holiday season was piqued even more when I saw something in an email that led me down there to ask them this question...

What do you need that you may not have thought to ask for?

And shelter director Angela Settle was quick with an answer...


And she was speaking to my soul.

Seriously, the shelter has residents who ask for coffee quite a bit but it's not there and, I guess, since it isn't considered an essential, maybe that's why.

But there were more suggestions and they fit my line of inquiry perfectly.

Angela would LOVE to have volunteers who can come down to the shelter who are creative and can help out the kids who are in residence with art projects.

She said they'd love to be able to do little painting and arts & crafts projects with Christmas coming so the finished products can be put up in the shelter as Christmas decor.

I love that idea.

Angela said it would also be great if someone could provide the means to get these kids to, say, the Edge Ice Arena.

They'd be thrilled to death.

But here's what thrilled ME to death.

The kids--and there are about 20 of them there now--are all happy. The shelter has been blessed with donations of clothing and food.

The kids will have gifts and Santa Claus is going to visit!

But there are still needs.

It would be great if there were some things with which the adults in residence could pass the time.

Plus, basic items like paper towels, baby wipes, shampoo and other toiletries, not to mention personal hygiene items for women are also needed.

Angela also said new underwear and socks would be GREAT!

See, there's cool, out-of-the-box stuff AND basic everyday items that never would have occurred to me.