You may have heard that I had the unique opportunity to go “Over the Edge” and rappel from the rooftop of the Hampton Inn & Suites on Owensboro’s riverfront for MentorKids. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life to date!

Governor Matt Bevin, Sheriff Keith Cain, my friend and WOMI’s Theresa Rowe joined many others to raise awareness, support and money for MentorKids Kentucky over the weekend. Over the Edge provided participants a life-changing opportunity while raising money to help provide hope for the children of Daviess County. The team at MentorKids Kentucky have a passion for the children of our community and it showed this weekend and I was honored to be a small part of it.

Have I ever done anything quite like this in my life? No. Did I ever think I would? No.

People asked me all week leading up to the jump if I was scared and truthfully with the busy week I was having, I couldn’t dwell on it or think about it. When they were fitting me with my gear it did start to sink in, but the adrenaline and excitement was kicking in. When we were walking to the rooftop the unknown started to rattle me some, but luckily Theresa Rowe was with me experiencing the same emotions which helped. I knew once I went through the short training and “trusted” the harness I would be fine and I was! I leaned over the building and I was off and rappelling!

I ate dinner with the team from Over the Edge who do fund raising events like this all over the country and I asked about some of the biggest buildings to rappel from and I want to double the size for my next rappelling experience. They suggested a fall event in Louisville so I think that answers the question about if I would do it again!

Make plans to take this thrill of a lifetime next year and help MentorKids Kentucky! For more information visit them at

Here’s a video from the event. The actual rappel video didn’t transfer well from the phone to YouTube so it’s a bit grainy, but there’s some great photos that I wanted to share of the experience included! Thanks for watching.

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