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If you’re like me, you grew up fishing in local ponds and maybe lakes or rivers. Here in Indiana, I remember a lot of fishing days with my dad and sister. We usually used worms for bait, but he did have a tackle box with some weird-looking lures in it. Mostly, we caught a lot of bluegills. Those were my favorites because I knew what they were, but Dad enjoyed catching bass more.

Dad and I also differed on what size of fish to catch. I liked the cute ones! But I remember catching the bigger one when we went to his work’s fishing competition. Made him proud. He had good reason for wanting the bigger fish, though - when we could, we’d take them home to eat. Now as a kid, I was much more into chicken nuggets than freshly caught fish. So my dad absolutely spoiled me. He actually took the time to cut up our fish into tiny pieces and make me fish nuggets. And they were perfection.


Where Can You Fish for Coho Salmon in Indiana?

As an adult, I’ve learned to enjoy eating fish – especially tilapia and salmon, but like you, I buy them from the store. It’s about time to renew my fishing license, so I was on Indiana’s DNR website when an article caught my eye. We can catch our own salmon right here in Indiana!

According to the DNR, "Coho salmon are raised in the hatchery for more than a year before being stocked into tributaries around Lake Michigan. In spring, when they are about 1 ½ years old, they migrate to Lake Michigan to feed and mature."

I thought you had to go to Alaska and fight off the bears to fish for salmon! I was very wrong – the State of Indiana even stocks both Coho and Chinook (King) salmon in our portion of Lake Michigan and a few nearby bodies of water. No expensive trip to Alaska or bear spray is needed!

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Coho salmon is one of the most popular salmonid species in Indiana. Originally native to the Pacific Ocean, coho were introduced to Lake Michigan in the late 1960s and have enjoyed a strong following by boat, pier, and stream anglers alike. They are excellent eating, and can often be caught using simple techniques. -Indiana DNR

According to South Shore, Indiana Dunes, there are several places to fish along the shoreline.

Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk

  • Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk has a fishing pier, an enclosed pavilion with restrooms and seasonal food service, a 900-foot breakwater with handrails and a loop trail
  • The area is known for smallmouth bass, carp, catfish, salmon and trout

Long Lake

  • Accessible from the marked trails at West Beach
  • Great spot for fishing or birding
  • A public access area is available on the lake Motorboats are permitted

Little Calumet River

  • Can be accessed from the Heron Rookery and the Little Calumet River Trail
  • While at the Rookery, keep an eye out for the Great Blue Herons repairing their nests or feeding in the shallow waters
  • Accessible from the marked trails at West Beach
  • Great spot for fishing or birding
  • A public access area is available on the lake
  • Motorboats are permitted

What Do I Need Before I Go?

You will definitely need an Indiana fishing license. They can be purchased online. Just make sure you don't move down the shoreline to Illinois or Michigan!

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