Weather information gathering fascinates me more and more. I noticed a crew setting up an apparatus by the pond next to WKU Owensboro's campus and I was curious. 

I noticed the rotating fan and I assumed it was a weather installation and I was right. What you see is a White Squirrel Weather Station. It's a project courtesy of the university's meteorological department.

Specifically, it's a WeatherSTEM installation. The live view you see is New Hartford Road facing the OCTC campus across the street. There is complete data and an extended forecast available. It's pretty neat and it could definitely help out students who commute to any of the campuses in case of inclement conditions.

White Squirrel weather station #3

As WKU students and alumni know, white squirrels are spotted on occasion at the Bowling Green campus.

Here's a look at the time lapse camera of clouds moving in and out on Sunday night.


There's an app available for both iPhone and Android.

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