The Tennessee Titans are champions of the NFL — not on the field, but with beer!

BACtrack is an app that allows users to track their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level to make sure that no one is getting behind the wheel when they shouldn't. The developers took that information from more than 28,000 football fans and found out who enjoyed drinks the most at NFL games.

Titans followers conquered the top spot, with an average BAC of 0.093 percent, which outpaces the second highest, the Pittsburgh Steelers (0.088 percent).

Top 5 Highest Average BAC Among NFL Fans

  1. Tennessee Titans: 0.093%
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers: 0.088%
  3. Indianapolis Colts: 0.085%
  4. Atlanta Falcons: 0.085%
  5. New Orleans Saints: 0.080%

An interesting note is that only one of those teams made the playoffs this season (Steelers), so maybe fans were trying to drown their sorrows away? After all, the Steelers — despite making the playoffs — fired their offensive coordinator midseason while having the 28th ranked scoring offense in the NFL.

As for the bottom five, maybe the 'winning cures all ails' theory holds up, as fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, now two-time defending Super Bowl Champions, checked in as the lowest for alcohol consumption at 0.05 percent.

Bottom 5 Lowest Average BAC Among NFL Fans

  1. Kansas City Chiefs: 0.051%
  2. Washington Commanders: 0.058%
  3. New York Giants: 0.058%
  4. Baltimore Ravens: 0.059%
  5. Los Angeles Chargers: 0.062%

Where are the "party" NFL teams like the Bills Mafia and the Cheeseheads of the Packers, you ask? The Bills check in at No. 20 on the list, with 0.065 percent, while the Packers just missed the Top 5 at No. 7 with 0.078 percent.

How does the NFL stack up against Swifties? Believe it or not, Taylor apparently throws one heck of a party: Fans attending her concerts measured an average BAC of 0.067 percent to the NFL's average of 0.051 percent. Who would have guessed?

Jason Kelce, Taylor Swift at the Chiefs-Bills NFL Playoff Game

Singer Taylor Swift was joined by boyfriend Travis Kelce's brother at an NFL playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park, N.Y. on Sunday (Jan. 21). The party got kind of wild!

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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