I was scrolling through the Facebook page History of Owensboro, KY a few days ago and came across a post from Pattie Stallings.  She recalled how she and Mo had their first date at Guido's Pizza 45 years ago and wanted to know, "Anyone know location or have pictures?"  All kinds of folks started chiming in and sharing memories.

Pam Hardesty solved the mystery about the exact site of Guido's first location in town.

She wrote . . .
It was on 2nd and Bolivar. I worked there in 1974-75 I think. Met my husband there❤️He was Mrs Hardesty’s, the owners son, and he came to work there while she went to a party. It was pretty much love at 1st sight. We got married about 6 months later. She moved up on Hwy 60 in Wendell’s shopping center it I’m not sure of the year.
Dave Callahan remembers the good ole days of Guido's.  He posted . . .
In the late '60s, you could get a small pizza delivered from Guido's on East Second for $1, and it was delivered by the owner of the business. Think he enjoyed talking with the customers.
Lynda Foster still raves about Guido's.
Loved that place.  Best pizza ever!

According to old newspaper clippings shared on the History of Owensboro, KY Facebook page, Guido's opened its shopping center location on March 10th, 1978. It's the Wyndall's Shopping Center location that I remember vividly. I grew up in Thruston and that particular location was a pizza go-to!

My friend Heather Stuart, who also lived out in the Thruston neck of the woods, remembers it well!   It was situated in the breezeway of the shopping center down by the former drug store Dennis & Akers.
Heather says . . .
My memories mostly revolve around being at St Pius. Our families would be there for ballgames. My friends and I would walk over to the Wyndall’s shopping center, there on 60, and go straight to Guido’s. I really don’t recall much about the pizza itself. Sad to say. The memories were always based on how much I treasure those friendships. Great people that I’m still friends with today. Probably not a raving food review. LOL!
And it's funny.  I am right there with Heather.  I remember going to Guido's with friends. In fact, it's entirely possible I went there with Heather once.  But, I don't remember much about the actual food.  I am not even sure I recall what their pizza looked like and how they served it.
Help us out here.  Do you remember Guido's Pizza?


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