A couple of years ago, when we moved our mother into a nursing home, somehow we lost track of a great many old Christmas ornaments and decorations.

And I'll admit that made me sad. There's nothing like nostalgia to bring us adults right into the forefront of the Christmas spirit. And old family decorations are perfect for evoking that feeling. But after feeling sorry for myself about it for too long a time, I realized that Mom herself would have kicked me in the pants. She's never really been attached to material things and, honestly, neither my sister nor I are either. And so, yeah, I got over it. Hey, all the great memories and photos are still there.

At least we still have the Christmas tear, a REALLY old German ornament that dates back hundreds of years. My mother's roommate in nursing school gave it to her back in the 1950s and we've been guarding it with our lives ever since. If we were able to salvage NOTHING else, at least we still have that. Mom never even stored it with the other stuff. She always wrapped it in tissue when the Christmas season was over and kept it in an old desk.

I wish she'd wrapped our old ceramic Christmas tree in tissue because somewhere along the many years, it broke and neither Mom nor Dad replaced it.

Recently, I've seen it resurge in popularity enough that I went on Amazon and, sure enough, they have a lot of them. But only one is the one I remember and that's the one in the picture. I know a lot of them look alike, but there are enough minute differences for me to notice the one WE had.

It was nice to see they're coming back. It was also nice to purchase one and get it back in the family.

Good to see you, ceramic Christmas tree. What have you been up to?

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