I love this show.  It's one of my favorite television shows EVER.  And it's precisely why I subscribe to Showtime for three months of the year.  Season 7 of Dexter premieres Sunday night and I will be right in front of the TV cheering on the tube's most loveable serial killer.  If you haven't seen the official teaser trailer for the new season, we've got it right here!

Now, I will admit it's a little bizarre to like a serial killer and root for him on a weekly basis, but Dexter is truly a genius creation.  He's a killer who "takes out the trash" and rights the wrongs of evil-doers by committing evil himself.  The show poses quite a moral dilemma for its audience and makes us wonder if Dexter's actions are ultimately justifiable and noble.  I love the dilemma.  I love its perplexity.  And I love the show.  And I cannot wait until Sunday night!!

So, fess up.  Are you a fan of Dexter?

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