Water in Kentucky makes for a better-tasting bourbon, here's why!

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Kentucky Bourbon

I had always heard that in order for a whiskey to be considered bourbon, it had to be made in Kentucky, but that's not true. There is no law on record that says bourbon has to be made in Kentucky, it just turns out Kentucky is fantastic at creating bourbon because the state has all of the natural resources to create the perfect flavor profile for bourbon.

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Kentucky's Bourbon History Dates Back to the 1700s

Kentucky has a rich history with bourbon dating back to the late 1700s. Many settlers that immigrated to the Kentucky region were from Germany, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and they brought with them a wealth of whiskey-distilling knowledge from their homelands.  History.com has an in-depth breakdown of Kentucky's bourbon-producing history here if you're interested.

History.com explains:

The influx of settlers who crossed the Appalachian Mountains in the late 1700s soon learned the Kentucky soil was perfect for growing bourbon’s second main ingredient—corn.

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95% of Bourbons are Made in Kentucky

It turns out a myriad of factors make Kentucky the perfect place for distilling bourbon, from the water (more on that as you continue reading), the weather, and the soil which is perfect for growing corn.

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The Kentucky Bourbon Trail recently shared some incredible information about the reason Kentucky bourbon is so great, and it has to do with the water.

There is no law that says bourbon has to be made in Kentucky and yet 95% of them are. Why is That? It is The Water.
Kentucky's limestone aquifer purifies our spring water while infusing it with delicious hints of calcium and magnesium. The result is a smoother, richer water, which is ideal for making bourbon, plus one with no iron, which would turn a bourbon mash black.
So, if you're going to add water to your Bourbon, make sure it's 100% limestone-filtered spring water from Old Limestone!

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