Holiday World racked up some big honors over the weekend at the annual Golden Ticket Awards.  Among the honors, another huge award for Wildebeest!

The 2017 Golden Ticket Awards ceremony was held in Connecticut in conjunction with Amusement Today magazine!  And, Wildebeest, for the eighth year in a row, was named the #1 water park ride in the world. Here's why!

And Holiday World's other water coaster, Mammoth, was celebrated as the #2 water park ride in the world.  And, Splashin' Safari was again named the #2 water park.

And, if you think the Wildebeest's record is impressive, check out this win streak.  For the eighteenth consecutive year, "Holiday World was named the #1 Cleanest Park, outranking such parks as Disney World, Kings Island, Dollywood, and Cedar Point."

And the honors for Holiday World and Splashin' Safari didn't stop there.  Holiday World’s wooden coasters, The Voyage, The Legend and The Raven were all named among the Top 25 Wooden Coasters in the World!

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is gearing up for Happy Halloween Weekends, which begin Saturday, September 23.  To see a complete schedule of events and to learn more about the park, visit

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