Okay, to be fair, this photo is NOT from a UK/Louisville game. It's from last year's NCAA Tournament. You know, when Louisville lost to fellow KY school Morehead State? In the what is now called, the second round?!? The news photo went viral and Kentucky fans were licking their chops with glee.

But now, this photo of an ashamed Cardinal and a disappointed Louisville coach Rick Pitino has unfortunately been resurrected in light of this Saturday's Final Four match-up rematch in New Orleans, whoops, Blue Orleans.

As a Louisville fan, I hope to see more happy pictures of Pitino, like this one:

I see Saturday's game as "The Impossible Dream" yet, don't count out the Cards. The game will either be a mild blowout, a la Sunday's UK/Baylor game, or Louisville will finally be able to match the Cats scratch for scratch. And just a friendly reminder, UK only beat Louisville by 7 when they played their annual rivalry game back on December 31st. What's changed since then? The Cardinals lost junior forward Rakeem Buckles in January to a torn knee ligament. And the Cardinals have been without junior sharpshooters Mike Marra and Stephan Van Treese most of the season. Underdogs indeed.

92.5 WBKR will be providing full coverage this Saturday, including the pre-game, from New Orleans, beginning at 3pm...I can't wait!