Here at, there's still one more week to get registered for our Smoky Mountain Getaway.  We are giving away tickets to some really cool attractions in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, like Dolly's Dixie Stampede, The Ripley's Aquarium and the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud.  In addition to tickets to keep you entertained, we're putting our lucky winners up, for 4 nights, in an amazing, cozy cabin called A Lover's Secret!  Check it out!Okay, confession!  I have actually stayed at this cabin and A Lover's Secret is the perfect setting for a cozy and romantic getaway.


That's the living room complete with fireplace, flat screen TV, couch and recliner.  Plus, you'll notice the staircase leading up to the game room, which houses this . . .

(image from

Yep!  That's a pool table.  There's also a video gaming system upstairs, plus an additional balcony, the perfect place to look for bears!  LOL!  Every time I stay in the Smoky Mountains I am convinced I am going to see a bear.  It's never happened.  The closest I have gotten has been a raccoon and, well, that just wasn't the same.

But they absolute best place to relax and take in your natural surroundings at A Lover's Secret is on the downstairs deck.  LOOK!

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Yes!  That hot tub is as heavenly as it looks.  It's heated to about 100 degrees and situated right in the heart of the mountains.  It is amazing!  In fact, the water was so warm I could have thrown in some cobs of corn, some red potatoes, a dash of salt and pepper and stewed myself.

And speaking of amazing and romantic (though I realize the image of me stewing myself doesn't fit that bill), check this out!

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That's the jacuzzi in the master bath.  And, yes!  That's a fireplace at the foot of it.  And, this is really cool too, the fireplace is double-sided.  You can also enjoy it from the master bedroom!  See?

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Trust me!  If you are our lucky winner, you are going to LOVE this cabin.  A Lover's Secret is quaint, cozy, charming, and romantic.   So, get signed up today by CLICKING HERE!

Good luck!!