It's The Party of the Season at the Owensboro Sportscenter Friday November 21st starring Colt Ford with special guests Moccasin Creek, Dee Jay Silver, The Josh Merritt Band and WBKR's Jaclyn Graves! And you can win tickets this afternoon with PHONE TAG!

First of all, register your phone number RIGHT NOW if you haven't already!

Now, get ready to win tickets to see Colt Ford and his many friends at The Party of Season November 21st at the Sportscenter!

So if you've registered, I may call you this afternoon around 5:15PM. And if I do, DO NOT say hello (even if that IS what you're mama taught ya). No, if I call you, the first thing out of your mouth MUST be this phrase that pays...


If I call you and you answer with that Colt Ford lyric, you'll win a pair of tickets to The Party of the Season starring Colt Ford!

Now here's the second way to win.

If the person I call does not answer with the phrase that pays, then TAG! YOU'RE IT!

You'll need to be the first caller to the WBKR studio lines--270-926-WBKR or 1-800-844-WBKR. And when I answer, give that phrase that pays and you'll win the tickets!

Good luck!



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