This is unsettling. When El'agance the Intern was working with us this past summer, we got to talking about WKU dorms and where we lived, etc. At one point she told me she had to miss several classes due to being sick from mold IN HER DORM. Seriously?

One residence hall on the main campus is shutting down for the remainder of the semester due to mold contamination. 348 students have been relocated from Minton Hall, formerly Central Hall, to other on-campus housing.

In fact, three other dorms are currently being treated for mold. The company that examined Minton was not satisfied with testing results, therefore, the students had to temporarily move. The ceilings will have to be removed to treat the issue.

When I went to do a little more digging on Minton Hall, I learned the bathrooms were scheduled to be renovated this past summer. I also saw that two other dorms, Barnes Campbell and the first one I ever lived in, Bemis Lawrence, are scheduled to close permanently by the Fall of 2021.

Oh and Bemis is where El'agance lived when the mold happened there. Yikes!

Elangance Shemwell
Elangance Shemwell

Minton Hall is expected to reopen when students return for the Spring semester in January.

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