A Tennessee zoo made history last month as they welcomed a bouncing baby girl to their Giraffe family. She is considered to be the rarest Giraffe in the world because instead of having the typical spotted pattern of every other known giraffe, she is totally solid brown. Her birthday was July 31st and experts say she is one-of-a-kind. The zoo even went so far as doing a blood test to prove she is definitely a reticulated giraffe like her parents.

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Baby Girl (she doesn't have a name yet) lives at Bright's Zoo where officials are hoping that her uniqueness will encourage folks to become interested in the conservation efforts they work toward every day. Specifically referencing Save Giraffes Now, a non-profit organization that supports groups throughout parts of Africa ensuring these incredible animals can once again thrive in the wild.  According to their research, "three of the four species of giraffe are considered Endangered, with two types Critically Endangered." Over the past 3 years, the Giraffe population in Africa has gone from 155,000 to 100,000 which is a 35% decrease.  That is frightening!

Look how cute she is! Long and lanky, she is already about 6 feet tall and living her best life!  A contest started today on Bright's Zoo's Facebook page where you can help choose her name! Here are the options to choose from including translations since they are from the Swahili dialect.
1. Kipekee - Unique
2. Firali - Unusual or Extraordinary
3. Shakiri - She is most beautiful
4. Jamella - One of great beauty
You have until September 4th to vote before officials announce the winning name.  My vote is for either Kipekee or Firali. She certainly is a unique and extraordinary animal. Best wishes to Bright's Zoo and their new bundle of joy.

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