My skin is already crawling just thinking about this. Most people would try everything they could to prevent cockroaches from entering their living space, but a pest control company in North Carolina is hoping to find a homeowner brave enough to live with cockroaches in exchange for $2,500.

The Pest Informer, in an attempt to test the potential of an innovative technique for controlling and eliminating infestations, is seeking only one homeowner to volunteer to be the focus of what is basically an experiment. If selected, they will have one hundred American Cockroaches released into their home for 30 days. If all goes according to plan, that is.

According to their website, they've actually tried this before. "We contemplated doing this study in 2022, but we had issues with our legal team and the EPA worried about the environmental impacts of this study. This is why we’re only selecting one household to conduct this study on at a time.

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Here are the official rules of the study :

  • "You must own the home or have written approval from the homeowner.

  • You must be 21 years or older to qualify.

  • You must be located in the Continental United States

  • All tested cockroach treatments will be family and pet safe.

  • You must not try any additional cockroach treatments during the duration of the study.

  • At the end of the study, if the cockroach infestation hasn’t been eliminated, we will use traditional cockroach treatment options at no cost to you."

The Pest Informer team has twenty years of experience in the business, confidently exploring new strategies for pest control to remain a frontrunner in the industry. While this study would make me a little nervous, if you are down to possibly share your home with a bunch of roaches to make some money, you can fill out the form on their website.


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