All of us here at WBKR were thrilled on Monday afternoon after learning that the day's first Win Cash nationwide $1000 winner was from Owensboro! A big congratulations to Carl Glahn who had never won anything before.

In fact, he'd never tried to win a contest on WBKR before. I guess he was saving up for the big one.

But here's what's really funny:

Later on Monday afternoon I gave away free hot wings from Show Me's of Owensboro to the 5th caller during the High Five. And it just so happened that the fifth caller was Carl Glahn.

He'd never won anything before, and then won twice in one day. We even joked about his eligibility for the wings on-air. He was a great sport and we're very happy for Carl and that Owensboro finally had a nationwide winner.

You can check out my interview with Carl right here: