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Tip Toe Through The Turnips
An Ohio County man mistakenly bought his wife turnips for Valentine's Day instead of what she asked for "tulips". Here's how it turned out according to Eyewitness News!
Angel's Bargain of the Week
Angel here! It has been a while since I brought you a fabulous bargain, so this week is pretty darn awesome. I am introducing you all to Southern Savers deals and more!
Neighborhood Cleanup
With brighter days right around the corner, it is time to do a little spring cleaning! The City of Owensboro Neighborhood Alliance is hosting Neighborhood Cleanup and we have the schedule.
Play the Goodwill Date Night Challenge
Have You heard of the Goodwill Date Night Challenge? Couples get $10 each and purchase outfits for one another to wear out. Some Owensboro Couples did this and we have the HILARIOUS pictures!