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Do You Believe In Bigfoot?
Do you believe in Bigfoot? Many people do and have spent years trying to prove he exists! Charlie Raymond is one of those people and also the founder of Kentucky Bigfoot Research Org. and he is coming to Owensboro.
Who Remembers Guido's Pizza?
Do you remember Guido's Pizza in Owensboro? Some locals are sharing their memories about the restaurants, its locations and the amazing food!
A Flight To Remember
When someone loses a parent it changes their entire life. After, Lauren Dalzell Settles, father, Dr. Robert "Bob" Dalzell, died from a heart attack while flying she took to the skies and honor him in flight.
Goldie's 6th Annual NYE Show
It's back . . . again! Goldie has announced plans for her 6th Annual "One Time Only" New Year's Eve Reunion Show. We have ticket info!
Is Elderberry Syrup A Cure For The Common Cold?
The winter of 2018 was a beast when it came to Flu Season. Many people were rushing to the stores to buy black elderberry or Tamiflu. It was all over facebook and social media sites.
Probably Not Haunted Real Estate Signs
Halloween is just a few weeks away and local real estate agent Brian Luttrell has decided to celebrate. He is using a tongue-in-cheek addition to his For Sale signs!