I had great bridesmaids - I learned how to be a bridesmaid from the bridesmaids at my wedding. It's one of those things that you don't understand the importance of it until you are in that situation.

Unfortunately, not all women are as lucky as I was. This became plainly obvious to me while watching on of my favorite shows, Say Yes to the Dress. Watch the craziness and learn:

Just so we don't act crazy like this girl, here are some rules to go by:

1. Remember that it is an honor to be a bridesmaid.

Be genuinely happy for the person who is getting married. We easily forget how exciting it is to be a part of one of the happiest days in someone's life. If a friend asks you to be a bridesmaid, she is telling you that you are one of the most important and cherished people in her life. And that she can't imagine saying "I Do" to forever without you right beside her. That's pretty special and it's easy to forget that.

2. From Lori's mouth: "Shut up and pay up!"

Lori is the owner of the store feautured in Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta. I LOVE this show! She is sassy, southern and speaks her mind. This is one of the most frequent phrases I hear come out of her polished, twangy mouth. And, also one of my favorites! As you saw in the above video, some bridesmaids get confused on what dress shopping should be about. It is about the bride's vision for her wedding. It's not about you finding your favorite color, fit and style for you to parade down the aisle, trying to snag the hot groomsman. Now that being said, financial issues are a different story. A budget should be set in a comfortable range and not put a burden on anyone. I had a girlfriend who was a bridesmaid in a wedding where her dress was $450 and it cost $150 for certain additions that the bride requested. Holy wow...that's a lot! But, if you're whining about style or color; sorry, ladies, but I agree with Lori... Shut up and pay up! ;)

3. Remember who the big day is about.

Making the decision of who to marry is one of the most important decisions in a person's life. The wedding is a celebration of this. A celebration for the bride and the groom. Sorry all you moms out there, but it's not about you. (Please, no one tell my mom I said that!) And, if it's not about the moms, it's certainly not about the bridesmaids. But, seriously, you are there to share in the excitement of your friend and this monumental life-changing event. It's not about the fact that she chose her mouthy-hateful long-lost cousin to be her maid of honor over you! You know, I actually went to a bachelorette party and the bride got sick. (Oops!) Two of her bridesmaids were arguing over who should hold her hair back, based on which one had known her the longest! Yep, that really happened! Ha!

4. Help with the wedding plans.

No matter if you chose to get married at the courthouse with five guests or at a country club with 500 guests, planning a wedding is really hard, stressful work. The bride is going to need someone to bounce ideas off of, to help choose between blush and bashful and probably a shoulder to cry on once or twice. Your main role here is to be her friend. Just be there for her, even though you may scream if you have to look at another fabric sample.

5. Shower responsibilities.

I LOVE planning parties for my friends and family! But, I realize that some people don't. Regardless of which category you fall into, sorry sister, you should be helping out with the pre-wedding festivities. You would want her to do the same if you were the bride and she were the bridesmaid, right? So, with a smile on your face, get to planning the engagement party, bridal shower or bachelorette party. It's just part of the deal. Plus, who doesn't love a good party?

The most important rule is to enjoy being able to experience this amazing, life changing event with your friend. And, even thou I would cringe if I had to wear baby-poop green taffeta as well, try to endure this fun process with a smile on your face!