We have a state bird (cardinal), a state beverage (milk), and even a state butterfly (viceroy), but did you know, unofficially, Kentucky has a state movie?

A Reddit user recently put together a map of the United States designating the most popular movie set in each state. The user used IMDB to help determine which movie goes with which state. For example, Georgia's is Gone With The Wind and Nebraska's is, what else, the newly Oscar-nominated Nebraska.

So, according to the map, Kentucky's "state movie" is

Yes, it's the 1999 big tobacco thriller The Insider. It was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Russell Crowe was nominated for Best Actor. Unfortunately, the film was shut out on Oscar night in 2000. Fair enough, but I can't think of a lot of other movies set in Kentucky I thought for sure would out-rank The Insider.

I mean, hello?

Come to think of it, this is a harder decision than I thought.