So, it feels like Kentucky hasn't played a ranked opponent since the 90s. Actually, it was New Year's Eve--Louisville was the team. But 38 days is an eternity. Well, sort of. Eternity, uh, ends tonight. The #8 Florida Gators arrive in Rupp Arena tonight, riding a 7-game winning streak and feeling no pressure. Yep, these Gators aren't even acting like they care if they win or not. I'm sure they do. And I feel pretty certain Florida coach Billy Donovan does. But the players have taken the attitude that it's pretty much a win-win tonight, even if they lose. The thinking is that if they win, it's an upset (and it would be) and they are the big story in college basketball for a while. On the other hand, if they lose, it's the expected result and they move on to their next assignment. I don't know how Coach Donovan feels about such a cavalier attitude. And we may never know. But, if I were a coach, I wouldn't appreciate it and I'd speak to the player who said that. Oh well, regardless of attitudes and wills to win, Florida and Kentucky square off in Rupp Arena at 6PM Central Time. Join us for live coverage on WBKR while you watch it on ESPN. Now THAT'S a win-win situation.