I still have two gifts I received for my high-school graduation--a Webster's Ninth Collegiate Dictionary and a Texas Instruments solar calculator. I still use the dictionary, but the calculator is wildly outdated--although it still works perfectly.

Had I gotten any of the gifts mentioned in kaboodle.com's recent list of bad graduation gift ideas, I would have arranged much earlier exits. Of course, some of these items didn't or couldn't exist when I was 18. Let's face it...some of YOU didn't or couldn't exist when I was 18.

So, I'm assuming that kaboodle.com compiled this list based on research into actual gifts that had been given to graduates. And, I have to say that, if that is the case, there are some wildly misguided gift-givers out there.

Who, seriously, would send someone off to college with a set of footie pajamas? Really? Do you have any idea what that would set the kid up for?

Now, as for the Snuggie, it will certainly keep your child warm, but it will also make him/her the likely target of endless jokes. Of course, if there's a Halloween party, a Snuggie makes a great Obi-Wan Kenobi costume.

And, then there's the breathalyzer kit and the booze flask! Who is giving these items as graduation gifts?!? Uh, wrong message, anyone?

And, I had to laugh--loudly--at the "Class of 2012 'I Did It!'" sweatshirt with the person's name at the top. I mean, you might as well get your kid a Christmas sweater with red and green kittens on it.

Oh...one more thing. Snooki's neon green slippers?!? I'm at a loss.

Of course, a couple of the items--a book on easy-to-fix meals and a toaster (although I wouldn't get one that's aquamarine)--aren't bad ideas. But, for the most part, this is a pretty silly, if not outrageous, list. Please! People! Think again!