Thursday afternoon was an unusual afternoon. I was doing a live broadcast from Green River Appliance and Electronics at 14th and Daviess Streets in Owensboro. The temperature was 97 degrees; it felt like 106. And people were flocking to the store to eat HOT food. Outside. While gathered around a grill--a grill whose temperature rose to 450 degrees at one point, I might add. Why? Because Grillmaster Jeff Raymond was cooking on a Big Green Egg--a revolutionary outdoor grill.

When I got there, he was already in the process of preparing four extaordinary pork tenderloins--coated with a Big Green Egg brand rub. Delicious. Next up came up a big bag of fresh pineapple chunks Jeff had been marinating in brown sugar and dark rum for about an hour and a half. Delicious. Shrimp scampi and praline peaches came later. Amazing. And all were prepared on the incredible new Big Green Egg--a grill made of space-age-technology-grade ceramic. It's virtually indestructible and comes armed with a long list of reasons to back up its claim as the world's best smoker and grill. I'm sold. A lot of other folks were, too. Fortunately, I was able to wrangle Jeff Raymond for a two-part interview about the Big Green Egg and you can hear it right here: