Former Owensboro resident Brett Baker is a major player in the advertising world. Today, ensconced in his Atlanta, Ga. home with wife, Stacy and daughter, Beau, Brett is a creative writer and voice over talent. In 2007, he was featured in an article by the Messenger-Inquirer's Suzy Bartholomy. Brett, a former Daviess County High student, was the creative mind behind the Hanes' commercials starring Michael Jordan. I wanted to catch up with Brett and find out the latest, He was kind enough to respond to my email I sent through his website.

"I have to say, your email took me by surprise. Happy to follow up, though. I appreciate your interest.  I think that article was about the Cuba Gooding, Jr. Hanes commercials ... I did a couple more Hanes campaigns after that, the most notable being with Charlie Sheen". That is apparently before Charlie left earth.

What's Brett done lately: "Over the last few years, I've written commercials for Head & Shoulders with Pittsburgh Steelers' Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward, and Brett Keisel. I've also done commercials for 1-800-Contacts, Wheaties, Miller High Life and Discover Card.  Since 2007, my wife and I have moved around a bit - living in Austin, TX, then NY, NY, then back to Austin, then back to NY again like gypsies. But currently, we live in Atlanta, GA".

You may have heard him on radio and TV.

" ... probably the only semi-interesting thing I've done lately is get into voiceover work. From April 2012 until only about a month ago, I was the voice of Pizza Hut. I still do some voice work for them, but for a good year and a half it was my voice on every TV and radio commercial. I've also done some voice work for GEICO. There are still some radio spots floating around out there with me on them. You can hear a couple of them on my website if you click on the big microphone".

Finally, Brett sent along a wish.

"Hope that helps. Again, I appreciate you reaching out. Hope all's well in the Boro"