What Happens When You Ask Siri To Beatbox? [VIDEO]
If you are an iPhone user, I'm sure you use Siri to help you with directions, phone numbers and more, but did y'all know how talented she is?
What do you think happens when you ask Siri to beatbox? She tears it up, that what happens, haha!
Seriously, check this out!
I’m Over Sex Being Everywhere [Rant]
I've been looking at this screen for the last 20 minutes trying to think of an appropriate beginning to this rant and nothing seems to fit. So, here goes... I'm sick of seeing Kim Kardashian's boobs and butt all over my computer. I'm sick of sex being everywhere. I'm sick of it being ok. I'm sick of…
Chad And Brett Make “Dewritos” and Make Me Drink It! [VIDEO]
How I get wrangled up in the madness of the CB Radio Show, I'll never know. This morning, I walked into the studio with a welcoming smile from Chad and that's never a good sign, ha!
Apparently, Mountain Dew is testing out a new flavor that tastes like Doritos. Seriously. Naturally, Chad and Brett had…

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