Top Foods That Cause Gas [VIDEO]
If you don't want to "clear the room" or "scare your dog" avoid these foods that can cause major gas! It happens sometimes so don't be embarrassed. In the big scheme of things it really doesn’t matter!
20 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate [VIDEO]
Have you ever wondered if you have something in the fridge does it actually need to be kept in the fridge? Will I get food poisoning if left out? You may be surprised to learn that these 20 products don’t need to be refrigerated. I know I was!
My First Quick Care Experience
Let me begin this post by saying I do NOT have the flu, strep, or any of the other ailments that are in peak season right now and closing schools across the Tri-State. No, it was something much more simple which I will not disclose at this time. I, however, had never been to a quick care, walk-in cl…
Register Now for the 2017 Color Blast 5K [Video]
It's back! The Color Blast 5K returns to Moreland Park in Owensboro on Saturday, March 18th and we're excited to announce that registrations are underway now for this year's event.  And here's how you can get involved and be a part of one of Owensboro's biggest, most ex…
Do You Put Q-Tips in Your Ears? [Video]
I was watching the news last night and a report (granted, a weird one) came on about Q-Tips.  And that report claims that you should not, under any circumstance use a Q-Tip to clean out your ears.  That's right!  According to the package directions, you should never put a Q-Tip i…

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