Lance Crabtree Has A Very Carrie Christmas [PHOTOS]
In November Chad and I took our buddy Lance Crabtree to meet his favorite country singer, Carrie Underwood, when she came to the Ford Center.  It is a night I am sure he will never forget!  In fact, Lance's mom, Staci Crabtree, is making sure of it!
How I Make It Through The Holidays [PHOTOS]
The holidays can be a sad time for some.  It can remind them of lost loved ones, being alone, or just old memories.  I have found a way to preserve and positively share the time with my lost loves ones, and keep their memories alive.
How to Throw a Cookbook-Inspired Christmas Party [Photos]
Here's an idea I came up with for Christmas and I think you're gonna love it.  My mother always hosts our family's Christmas Eve celebration and I always do all the cooking at her house.  But, this year, because of my vacation, I didn't have a lot of time to plan my menu.  As a matter of fact, the m…
Remembering The Pre-Christmas Snowstorm Of 2004
This morning, I was reminded of what the weather was like twelve years ago right before Christmas, it was brutal. We rarely see a white Christmas around these parts, but in 2004, holiday travel was at a snail's pace or a standstill. Oh, what a ride!

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