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Chris Stapleton Added To Grammy Performers
Chris Stapleton has taken over the mainstream music scene by storm, for good reason. He for sure isn't a new artist, but is just now getting the recognition he deserves. His style is like none other and don't even get me started on that voice! If you don't have his Traveller album, get it right now!…
Rand Paul Suspends Presidential Campaign
Several major news outlets are reporting that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has suspended his presidential campaign. After a disappointing 5th place finish in Monday's Iowa caucuses, Paul released a statement Wednesday morning announcing his decision.
Owensboro School Trending On Facebook
How cool is this!?! Estes Elementary in Owensboro is trending nationwide on Facebook! Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling thru my news feed, looked on the right side to see what was going on and saw this!
I’m An Outlaw Because Microbeads Are Being Banned
Exfoliating my skin and my face is an extremely cleansing refreshing experience. I don't buy exfoliating face wash all the time, but now, I need to buy it while I can. Personal care products containing microbeads will be phased out beginning in 2017. No way!

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