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I’m An Outlaw Because Microbeads Are Being Banned
Exfoliating my skin and my face is an extremely cleansing refreshing experience. I don't buy exfoliating face wash all the time, but now, I need to buy it while I can. Personal care products containing microbeads will be phased out beginning in 2017. No way!
5th Grader Writes Letter to God About Syrian Refugees
Kids say the darndest things.  And sometimes, through their innocence, they can simplify and paint a crystal clear picture of an insanely complicated world.  That's exactly what happened this week in Ryan Nowak's 5th grade class at Saint Wendel Catholic School in Wadesville, IN.  Mr. Nowak challenge…
Fake UFO In California Turns Out To Be Kentucky-Related [VIDEO]
Someone in California and Nevada must have been a little too excited about 'The X-Files' is coming back to TV or they are glued to the new season of 'Fargo' (mini-spoiler!), however the light in the sky turned out to be a scheduled unarmed missile test courtesy of the USS Kentuck…
Don Mattingly Finds New Manager Home In Miami
Several news outlets are reporting that Evansville-native Don Mattingly is moving to the Sunshine State. The Miami Marlins have hired Mattingly to be their next manager, following his departure from Los Angeles last week.
Locals Attend the Papal Mass in Philadelphia [Photos]
Susan Montalvo Gesser and her daughters, Jacquelyn and JoJo, didn't spent Sunday in Owensboro.  Instead, they spent it with Pope Francis.  The family traveled to Philadelphia on a charter with Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Bowling Green and were surprised to lean they had 8th row sea…

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