Apollo High School Hosting UPS College Program Seminar
When I was going to the University of Louisville, my friend and roommate Julie worked for UPS and went to school.  Since then, many people I know have worked for UPS while attending the University of Louisville.  The company offers a really cool program that allows college students to earn money and…
What Would Chad Look Like As A Woman (PHOTO)
Lately I have noticed Facebook has been doing the face changing pictures like what would you look like as a man or a woman or a Hollywood Star. I decided to see what Chad would look like as a woman. I think you might be surprised!
Learn to Curl in Smashville
While it's not the most exciting winter sport, curling is the most accessible to the average person or non-athlete. As the Winter Olympics are now in full-swing, there's now a venue that is offering curling lessons. Get your sweepers ready!

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