Sad, Lost Dog Looking For Her Home [PHOTOS]
A friend of mine found this sweet little dog yesterday and is having a harm time finding her home. They have tried posting pictures on Facebook and even had her checked for a microchip, but haven't had any luck yet. He says she is a really good dog that has been taken care of. They found her in the …
“Criminal Minds: Canine Investigations, The Lost 3″
When bagging up some leaves that I raked up at least 2 months ago this afternoon, I stumbled upon a crime in progress. The defendant had the victim pinned down on the ground, against its will. Naturally, I intervened, just in time to rescue the victim. It was then that I realized I was too late, the…
Pancakes & Portraits For Pets
Dream Copy Photography is once again hosting an event for you to get your pets picture taken in a Christmas setting! The event, Pancakes & Pet Portraits is set to benefit SparKy Rescue!

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