SPARKY Pet of the Week

Meet Nibbler – SparKY Rescue Pet of the Week
Hello, my name is Nibbler? How's your heels? Lol! Hey, the good folks at SparKY  - Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky - found me, and I am so thrilled they did. I am Moon's special guest this morning on the WBKR Waking Crew. You can hear me here: 92.5 or here.
Meet Handsome Bentley – Sparky’s Pet of the Week
Call me Bentley. A proud lab and . . . something else!

I am your Sparky Rescue Pet of the Week. I will be on WBKR with Moon & Chad this morning at 8:20. I am neutered, house trained, up to date with shots, good with kids, good with dogs, and good with cats. Re...
Sparky Rescue Pet of Week is Bahb – a Handsome Hound
Sparky Rescue Pet "Bahb" almost didn't make it. Bahb has a cute cleft pallet and lip. Unfortunately, when he was a pup, it prevented him from getting his nourishment from Mama. He will join Chad and me this morning on the WBKR Waking Crew at 8:20. Bahb will tell you about hims…
SPARKY Pet of the Week: Romeo
Ola, my name ees Rrromeo. Would you like to be my Zhuliet? Leesen for me on WBKR, Thursty morning at 8:20.
Dreamcopy Photography
I  am already neutered, a "purebred" - you don't hear that often, up to date with all my shots, and I LOVE other dogs...
I Tink Therefore I Am
Hi, my name is Tink. That is pronounced Teenk. Just in from celebrating Cinco de Mayo I am ready to move in with you. Me Casa is sue Casa? I will be on with Chad and Luna esta minana.
Moon here. Tink is a male Chihuahua Mix. She …
WBKR’s Sparky Rescue Pet of the Week
Well, hello. My name is Willow and I am the mother of eight new puppy dogs. Believe me -- Eight IS Enough!  Time to take them off my paws and for that matter, take me, too.  We are all looking for new homes and each is prepared to go our separate ways...
I’m Missy, Your Sparky Pet of the Week
Missy’s the name, adopting's the game. I am here from Sparky Rescue. Check out my stats:
Breed: Dachshund/Terrier. Not bad, huh? I am a lovely shade of brown with a chocolate dash for good measure. I am young, small -- a petite 25 lbs or less ...
Bahb Is Sparky Pet of the Week
Hello, I am Bahb. That's right. B-a-h-b, pronounced Bahb. A little doggie humor there.  You know, I didn't name me.  Sparky Rescue did. But they are so nice I don't care
I am a special fellow. Elvis sang about …
Doodle Dog on WBKR Thursday Morning
Howdy, my name's Doodle. Kinda like Loretta Lynn's late husband, Doo.I am a Yorkie, which means I think a lot of myself. You will, too. Yorkshire Terriers like me -- what? -- I am "Mix"!!??
Well, I am still gorgeous.  Silver and Tan - those are Yorkie colors - so, the…

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