I Tried On My Old Prom Dresses… [PHOTOS]
Everyone has a section of a closet at their Mom's house dedicated to old prom, homecoming and formal dresses. This past weekend while home visiting, I decided it was time to see if those bad boys still fit. I'll be honest, it was a tight squeeze, haha!
Dear iPod Nano [PHOTOS]
This weekend, I don't know why, but I decided to try and charge my nine-year iPod Nano and see what would happen. What happened was a miracle. Here's the story, in letter form. It's really a dying art folks!
I Think My Carnival Ride Days Are Over [VIDEO]
I love rides at amusement parks, fairs, and carnivals. Well, I used to. I should have known better when my niece Zoey asked me to ride a spinning ride with her at the Beaver Dam Strawberry Festival, however, I wanted to make her happy. In the process, nausea set in. Watch. I'm in the baseball j…
Should I Get Rid Of Some Car Stickers? [PHOTOS]
'Tis the season for political stickers, maybe. I have a certain candidate's sticker that I have yet to place on my RAV4. I'm biding my time. Until then, I have two stickers that have been with me for two cars and I can't believe I'm actually thinking of removing them.
Greenville Woman Has Photos Published in People Magazine
I call it a harmonic convergence. I'm a huge fan of Survivor. Michelle Vincent of Greenville is a good friend of ours. Michelle is good friends and attends church with Caleb Reynolds--from the Cadiz area--who was a contestant on the most recent Survivor season.

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