Super Bowl

Pink to Sing National Anthem at Super Bowl
Will Pink be flying high over Minneapolis when she sings the National Anthem at the Super Bowl next month? I'm going to go with probably not, but one never knows. The singer confirmed the news Monday on Twitter. I am pumped!
My Mother Is Super Bowl Crazy! [PHOTOS]
I should start this by reminding y'all that I grew up in Tennessee. With that upbringing comes the utmost respect for the University of Tennessee Volunteer football program. You see where this is going, right? Peyton Manning has been an adopted member of our family and thousands of other homes since…
Check Out These Super Bowl Ticket Prices
While scanning thru my emails last night, this one caught my attention, "Sports Ticket Alert: Super Bowl XLIX". Hmmm, just how much are tickets for the big game? Yowzers...Some ticket prices are a little too close to my yearly salary, ha!
Take a look! Seriously, how do people afford…
The Budweiser 2015 Super Bowl Ad… Grab A Tissue [VIDEO]
The Super Bowl has quickly become more than just a football game. It's about the grandeur of the night, the entertainment during halftime and of course, the commercials. Every year, Budweiser knocks it out of the park with amazing commercials. This year, is no different from the previous years for t…
Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Entertainment Announced!
It's the one night of the year where three of my favorite things are all together... football, good eatin' and music! Yep, the Super Bowl! Tonight, during the Sunday Night Football game, they made the big announcement about the halftime entertainment for Super Bowl XLIX and I am PUMPED!!
Jac’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercials [VIDEO]
I love football just as much as the next gal, but, during the Super Bowl, I'm also pretty pumped for all of the commercials! I thought overall this year, I laughed (and cried) more than I said, "Ugh...that was kinda stupid." Ha! So, here are my favorites... did I leave ou…
Big Time at WBKR BIg Game Party
Beofre Baltimore, Beyonce and the Blackout, WBKR fans were treated to our annual Big Game Party at BWW, Buffalo Wild Wings. If you were there you'll enjoy looking at the revelers -- before the game. If you weren't, see what you missed and try harder to win next year...

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