Parents Will Want to Get in on New ‘ReplyASAP’ App
The idea of a kid under 18 having a cell phone always surprises me, but in the world we live in, it's probably a good thing for a teen to have on hand. However, nervous parents who are always waiting around for a reply text will have a new app to try out.
What Hand Do You Hold Your Cell Phone With?
There's an interesting new Science Daily report about cell phones.  So, here are couple of questions for you.  Which hand do you hold your cell phone with?  And which ear do you hold your cell phone up to?  Most of the time, I hold my cell phone with my left hand and hold it up to my left ear.  That…
MoviePass Now Has Restrictions
I love MoviePass! It's convenient, it saves you a little money when you want snacks, and it's easy to use. That being said, the service which started up way back before all theater chains were using it, is making some changes that will not be idea for frequent users.

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