Tweet With Us During The CMA Awards!
Tonight's CMA Awards are going to be huge! Be sure you are following @WBKR on Twitter for commentary and reactions. Tweet along with us! We'll also be posting updates to the WBKR Facebook page!
#ScaryStoryInFiveWords… WBKR Style [VIDEO]
Every now and then, something trending on social media sparks our interest. Today was one of those days. #ScaryStoryInFiveWords was quickly making the rounds thru Twitter and Chad, Dave and myself thought it would be fun to share a few of our own #ScaryStoryInFiveWords with y'all. Needless to s…
Dale Jr. Receives Gift From Anonymous Fan
Dale Jr is clearly the fan-favorite of NASCAR and he's always very quick to thank his fans for their support. He recently received a really cool autographed posted of his late father's, Dale Earnhardt, from an anonymous fan. Dale Jr took to his twitter account to say "Thanks&q…
Movie Review: ‘Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser’ [VIDEO]
"Life's a garden, dig it!" is just one of the many quotable lines from the original Joe Dirt (2001) and although it was never the best movie, I loved it, mostly because I love David Spade. He co-wrote the first movie and he's the co-writer again on Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful L…
Chalkboards Nearly 100 Years Old Unearthed [PHOTOS]
This is one of the neatest stories I've seen in a while. Last week, contractors in Oklahoma City were removing old chalkboards to make room for new, hip smart boards, they discovered another set of chalkboards from 1917 complete with lessons and pictures. Take a look!

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