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Chris Stapleton and Stugill Simpson Rock SNL [VIDEOS]
Rarely do I get really excited about Saturday Night Live anymore; I still watch it, but in the past few years, it's the musical guests that are really making an impact on the audience. Saturday night was no exception because there was some Kentucky country in the house!
New Kentucky House Bill Proposes Merging Counties
About 175 million years ago, the Earth's continents formed a supercontinent called Pangea. They eventually broke apart and appear as you see them on maps and globes today. A new bill proposed in the Kentucky House could merge all 120 counties into 34 larger counties.
The XFL is Coming Back
It's time to dust off those "He Hate Me" jerseys, because the XFL is coming back. The wild league created by WWE chairman Vince McMahon and NBC Sports executive producer Dick Ebersol had a quick burnout in early 2001.

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