The seventh annual "Gone to the Dogs" event will commence tomorrow afternoon August 7th at Combest Pool here in Owensboro. The swim begins at 6PM and ends at 8PM. It's a chance to go swimming in a pool full of pups, which by the way is collectively all of my kids absolute dream come true.

So you and you're dog are sitting on the couch trying to think of something fun to do. What better to fight your boredom than a quick dip in the pool. I'm being  serious, this sounds like a blast. The cost is seven dollars per dog and owners swim for free. Now if the weather disagrees this will be moved to Monday august 8th at the same time. I would be all about this if my little man dog Nacho could put his Napoleon complex aside for a day. Nacho is a Chihuahua/ Jack Russell mix and he means business. Take your more well behaved k-9 companions...dogs of all sizes are welcome to Combest Park tomorrow evening!