I enjoy watching storm chasers. I love it when they're "following the action." I'd love to do it, at least one time.

And really this all stems from the fact that weather, while dangerous at times, has always been a source of fascination for me.

Back in 2000, after the tornado ripped through Owensboro, we had folks who lived out in Utica tell us that they watched the big sucker blow through.

I didn't see it because I was here and too close to it.

So it was very cool to find this video that was shot near Newcastle, Wyoming recently. And that's weird because I was actually in that town 3 years ago. What are the odds?

Now when I was there I did see what looked like a storm developing off in the distance, but it didn't look anything like this one. In fact, it looked like this:

Dave Spencer


Oh well, maybe next time.