I am very excited about a text message I received this morning. I get weather alerts and commentary sent to my phone and I always enjoy reading the information, but the one this morning was especially interesting.

The message said that for the first time in 123 days, we will hit 70 degrees on Saturday. If you are like me (and I know many of you are) I am tired of the cold weather! I am ready for spring weather to be here. I don’t even mind the “Spring Showers” that come with it.  I am in somewhat high hopes that this means the colder temperatures are on the way out.

I always looked forward to the warm spring weather arriving. I am a car guy for those who didn’t know it. And the first signs of warm spring weather mean many fun things for me! I love taking the first warm Saturday (which to me is 70-75 degrees at least) and cleaning my car from top to bottom, taking things apart on it, making sure everything is in working order, and getting it in tip-top shape. I then like to take a nice drive through town or on a back country road to enjoy the weather and some good tunes (and maybe to show off how proud I am of my new detail job).

Being a car guy, the warmer spring weather also means the car shows and cruise-ins will start happening (if we can get the temperatures to stay there!) and that is the other thing I enjoy. Getting to see all of the work that the other car guys and girls have put into their show cars over the winter and also getting a few ideas from them.

Hopefully all this “heat wave” will stick around and all of the things we enjoy about spring will finally be able to happen! Now you know what I enjoy about spring, what do you enjoy about spring?