In the 1970's Linda Ronstadt was one of the most successful and influential Country singers around. I met her in Louisville in May, 1970 when she was the opening act for Arlo Guthrie. I had played her rock hits with the Stone Poneys on Country radio stations in Kansas City and Louisville.Linda, always a free spirit, had established a reputation for being a little "naughty". So, after her performance, I - armed with my cool shades, tuxedo shirt, hippie pants, blown hair and a big ego I  made my way backstage to meet her. She was just wandering around backstage, wearing a shiny pink short skirt and no shoes.

I walked right up and introduced myself. She was very kind and receptive, not at all a diva. She invited me to her dressing room. As I followed along I had visions of glorious intertwining.

The dressing room, which as it turned out was a locker room, had a waiting area -- where I waited -- and a dressing room where she changed into more comfortable jeans and cotton top. Still no shoes.

I asked her about her background. Knowing she was from Arizona, I was curious about where her country-music influence came from. You can read copious amounts of information on Linda -- (if you have all day!) and not find what she told me. She said as a kid she would listen to the Louisiana Hayride on 50,000 watt KWKH out of Shreveport.

A Louisville Courier-Journal photographer -- whose name I cannot recall -- was noticably lingering about, obviously wanting me to go away so he could snap a shot of Linda. Again, the ever-bold Mooner asked him to take a picture of me with her and send me the pictures!

He was kind enough to do so. These photos are so special to me because of what she became -- an internationally recognized Country, rock, pop, Broadway, jazz singer of stellar proportions.

And, I have seen her feet.

Here are some great videos from the 70's.

Happy 65th Birthday Linda!