Who knew that before I get on the air at 2PM each weekday, you're being entertained by a former major role player in the Mexican Revolution and a former jazz trumpeter?

Well, that, my friends, is the Reincarnation Game! And I love it. I even did it with members of my family and now they're doing research who they used to be.

Here's what you do on Google:


Now, that's what I did and learned that in my previous life, I was Harry Murray, and Australian World War I hero who received the Victoria Cross for gallantry "in the face of the enemy" according to Wikipedia.

It seems I was assigned to the machine gun crew during the Gallipoli Campaign and received Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Although I wasn't one of the characters, a film about that campaign--simply called Gallipoli--was released in 1981. It starred Mel Gibson.

Here is the trailer for that film:


Oh, and, by the way, I was Tasmanian. What a little "devil" I must've been.