Tammy Wynette sang of it in that 1973 TV appearance as she performed her 1968 hit D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Many things can lead to a divorce: Irreconcilable differences (my fave) adultery, reckless spending -- but eating Oreos? This takes the ca--, er Oreo. I read of a man who thinks that's a good reason to end a marriage.

According to Reddit a woman ate all the cream from a package of Double Stuff Oreos. Then, she put the cookies back. Later, she found a note her husband posted that read, "I'm considering divorce." Sounds like grounds to me!

Drew Weizholtz at Townsquare Media told me, "Most of the people on the site seem to be on the hubby's side of the matter and we can only imagine the screaming matches these two have had when trying to figure out who'd eat the last Watermelon Oreo".