This is one of those "just-for-the-heck-of-it" blogs where I go through my Android and look at all the pictures I've taken and decide to show you guys. It also makes me really want a good camera.

Obviously, I appreciate the convenience of having a camera in my phone, but I think I've been bitten by the, er, shutterbug bug. Anyway, let's dig in.

Dave Spencer


That may not even be what it's called, but that's what I call it. It's set in a mirror given to my mother after my dad died in 2005. I walked past it the other day and I guess the angle caught my eye and I thought it would make a really cool picture.

Dave Spencer


Down in Nashville, alongside Interstate 40, lies the American Pickers Store and Museum. If you watch or have watched American Pickers, you've probably seen them unload their finds at this store. Well, what I've discovered at the store and museum is that I'm not about to purchase ANYthing they're selling. That's because everything is outrageously expensive. It's still fun to go, though. And, recently, when I was there, I had to take a picture of a cool old radio sign. That's as far as I got. It cost $3500. And, yes, you read that right.

Dave Spencer


No, it's not a Batman villain spin-off of Mr. Freeze...although I guess it could be. Hmmmm. Anyway, I was just messin' around one day after getting a water bottle out of the freezer. Ice is always good for some cool designs so I aimed the old Motorola Atrix II down into the bottle and clicked. When I was done, I had Ice Face. (I really need a camera.)

Dave Spencer


This old Louisville cemetery fascinates me. Colonel Sanders is buried there but it's enormous and likely packs much more history into its grounds than I took in the day I was there. Of course, it closes at 4:30 EST, which is 3:30 to you and me, so it takes some planning to actually be there. But, anyway, this image was just a shot across one of Cave Hill's lettered sections. I threw some negative and black & white into the mix and voila!


Okay, okay, I admit it. I'm a Walking Dead junkie. I'm also a Dead Yourself app junkie too. I've "deaded" just about every image I could, including this latest one of me and of a sketch I drew some months ago. Needless to say, Season Four can't get here quick enough.


Dave Spencer